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How to Successfully Run a Game Show at Camp

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Game Shows are great special events or evening activities.

In this 76-page PDF ebook, you'll find instructions on how to run events that campers and staff will LOVE based on 9 popular game shows of the past and present, including:

Family Feud

You may want to call it Cabin Feud or Color Feud depending on how you create your teams. I've included 33 questions and answers to get you started.

Let's Make a Deal

This one is my favorite. There are certain things you need to do to keep everything organized and running smoothly. But don't worry, I take the guesswork out of it.

Minute to Win It

You can run these challenges like the game show does, but there are better ways. I go over seven versions of how to run a Minute to Win It game show at camp. I have also included 12 of my favorite challenges with instructions and links to YouTube videos that include the "blueprints" and my favorite way of running these games - head to head.

1 vs 100+

This short-lived game show is a great one to do at camp. I explain two ways to run it. I have also included 95 trivia questions for you to use.

Are You Smarter Than a Camper

Based on the game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, this section of the ebook goes over the best way to run the game show, the three "Saves" a contestant can use, and includes 35 Science questions, 35 Social Study questions, 35 English questions and 35 Math questions all divided by grade level (1st to 5th grades).

Wheel (or Dice) of Fortune

One of the longest-running game shows on television, I couldn't leave Wheel of Fortune off the list. Basically, this game is Hangman, without the gallows and stick figures, but all kids know how to play. I'll show you how to use a prize wheel or dice as part of the game, and I give you a list of possible categories and prizes. The puzzles will need to come from you, though.

The (Your Camp Name) Squares

Based on the old Hollywood Squares game show, this is one that can be a lot of fun for campers to watch. The more clever and confident your staff "celebrities" are, the better it will turn out.

Newly Met Game

Of course, we couldn't have the Newlywed Game, but since campers and counselors are "newly met", this is a perfect chance to see how much counselors got to know their groups and vice versa over the course of the camp session. I've included 30 questions to get you started.

Name That Tune

Can you name that tune, artist, or band in 10 seconds? How about in 2 seconds. 10 contestants line up to play 10 quick rounds that will test their music knowledge. Which songs are played is up to you.

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