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How to Run the Amazing Race at Camp

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Do you want to hold an Amazing Race at camp, but the idea of it seems daunting and you don't know where to start? Then this PDF ebook is for you.

Having an Amazing Race can be a very memorable and enjoyable program for campers and staff alike, and it doesn't have to be difficult to plan.

Here is what you'll find in this ebook package:

  • How to set-up The Amazing Race for your camp.
  • A planning checklist
  • An example of an on-site race
  • A pre-race announcement script
  • Over 20 challenge ideas perfect for camp
  • Over 10 roadblock ideas 
  • 5 detour ideas
  • Variations of The Amazing Race including off-site challenges and theme ideas
  • Suggested Additions including the use of 'transportation hubs', 'switch passes', and using gnomes
  • Editable templates of clue cards

This can be a great team-building program or a just-for-fun event. You can run The Amazing Race for young kids, teens and even families.

Don't spend countless hours trying to figure everything out and creating clue cards. This ebook was written from my experience running Amazing Race programs at camp, both on-site and off, and from the experiences of other camp professionals I have spoken with. This ebook will be a great resource for you. Get it and you'll save not only valuable work hours but your sanity as well.

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What Others Are Saying

Worth every penny! Thank you SO much! This is exactly what I was looking for! You saved me hours and hours of figuring this out. Our teens and young adults will love this. - Amy Guenther

We utilized this book at the Rosen JCC to help us better run our Amazing Race program. The book was very help to making our program more robust. In particular setting up road blocks and additional challenges along our course was really great. We wrote a 2 hour program for 100 traditional campers to play in on afternoon at camp Thank you! - Betsy Schwartz

Love this document! I’ve only used it twice at my summer camp for kids/adults with special needs but I’ve also used it three times with my yearly social groups for kids/adults with Special Needs. Thanks so much! - Alix Oates

Great resource for folks new to Amazing races or those looking to spice up what they’ve done in the past. Lots of inspiration with dozens of challenges and roadblocks to get you started! Plus there are templates for the cards which is such a bonus element to this – it’s all in the details! - Rec Gym Pros

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