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Creating and Running Scavenger and Treasure Hunts

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We all know how much kids love hunts. Whether it's a Scavenger Hunt where they are searching for items or a Treasure Hunt where they are deciphering and following clues, hunts can be incredibly fun.

This book will give you all the tools necessary to run a successful hunt, including...

  • A description of 15 types of scavenger hunts
  • Over 15 Ready-to-Print scavenger hunts
  • Lots of ideas and examples to help you create a treasure hunt including puzzles and ciphers
  • The 45 top submissions from my 'hunts' round table with even more ready-to-print scavenger hunts
  • Examples of a variety of hunts, including:
  • Nature hunts
  • Themed hunts
  • Photo Hunts
  • Field Trip hunts
  • Quick hunts
  • Elaborate hunts
  • ...and much more

This is the only hunt book you'll ever need.

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