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How to Create a Low-Cost Escape Room

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Escape Rooms are gaining in popularity. If you have ever thought about creating an escape room for your community, be it a summer camp, club, church, school, or community center, this is the book you need.

Nearly all Escape Rooms have certain things in common...

  • There is a theme
  • Participants play in groups, not solo
  • There are a series of puzzles that must be solved
  • There is a time limit

In this PDF ebook you'll find...

  • A lot of different ideas on puzzles, clues and challenges
  • Theme and story ideas
  • A list of supplies and where to get them
  • Ways to supervise and give hints to groups
  • Alternatives to the Escape Room scenario

Escape Rooms can be a great team-building program. It's also a program that will require the purchase of supplies/equipment. While you could design a really elaborate set-up that can cost thousands of dollars, you can also do it for a couple of hundred dollars or less, and we'll explore these options in the ebook.

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